Olesya Spiridonova
Partner Russian Federation
 E-mail: office@ipconsulting.eu

Olesya Is a licensed Russian Trade Mark attorney. She has graduated law and after that has specialised in intellectual property. She has acquired practice in the field of intellectual property while working as in-house IP specialist for some of the biggest Russian industries.

Year joined: 2017

Education: Master’s degree in Law; Specialisation in Intellectual Property;

Current and previous positions: Olesya has graduated the PUSHKIN Institute of Law and Business in St. Petersburg and further has specialised Intellectual Property in the  Russian State Academy. Since 2017 is Licensed Russian Trade mark Attorney. She has been working as in-house intellectual property specialist working for OAO «Kirovsky Zavod» , Sankt-Petersburg, Russia and other major Russian industries.

Areas of specialization: Intellectual and Industrial property; Legal consultations

Languages: Russian, English

Contact Details:

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