The team of IP Consulting successfully succeeded in deletion of the improper registration of a Bulgarian trademark which was registered in contradiction with the absolute grounds for trademark registration under the Bulgarian Law on Marks and Geographical Indications, namely:

The deleted BG Trademark Reg № 63996 is a word trademark and consists of a combination of the words THE EXACT TAXIS, being registered for services in Class 39 – Transport (including taxi transport).

During the procedure it was proven and fully accepted that phrase THE EXACT TAXIS has clearly indicative and laudatory meaning in the context of transport services provision.

First of all this indication could not be used as a distinctive sign to differentiate the services of one (in this case) taxi company from those of another.

Secondly it is inadmissible a legal entity to have monopoly and absolute rights over the phrase THE EXACT TAXIS.

The deletion has been rendered by a decision of the Bulgarian Patent Office, later confirmed by the Administrative Court Sofia and the Supreme Administrative Court.

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