An undesired weapon in your armory?

An undesired weapon in your armory?  by Robert Burrows, Tjeerd Overdijk and Aglika Ivanova IP Consulting Ltd. is a consulting agency, qualified to protect your trademarks, patents and copyrights and all your intellectual property. IP Consulting Ltd. can show you how to benefit from your ideas and your innovations. IP Consulting Ltd. is capable to…


News from Romania

The Romanian Trade Chamber, Bucharest and Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, on 5 November 2008, has organized the 7th edition of „ Creativity Trofy”.


OHIM reported application activity of Bulgaria in connection with Community trademarks

In the last review of OHIM for the activity of the member states of EU regarding the Community trademarks, information about Bulgaria was published. It is mentioned that the first Community trademarks that are registered by Bulgarian applicants were made back in 1998. The total number of applications for trademarks from Bulgaria is 667, having…