Gemji is a new-generation magnetic “Learn & Play” framework, built to include blind people.


Thousands of years, the tabletop games stay the same – small rocks, beans, animal bones, and tales around the fire. Although board games are for fun and learning, they seem to be a legacy of the past that we do not dare to change.

It is essential to note the appearance of playing cards in the 14th century, which does not just offer a specific game but represents a complete game system.

Seven hundred years later, we still haven’t found anything better to fit in our pocket, to this day.

“I started developing Gemji in 2016, as a parent concerned about my kids spending too much time in front of the digital screens. The need for something that will keep our family engaged, entertained, united, and will make us smarter obsessed me.” shares Mark Ralev, the inventor of GEMJI – The Magnetic Game System.

Gemji consists of 70 slick poker-like chips(tiles). The special magnets, the dual face design, and the unique graphic language form billions of game combinations in 2D & 3D. Having these extraordinary tiles in your pocket gives you the superpower to entertain yourself, your friends, and virtually everyone everywhere (including blind people). Three components make Gemji playable by visually impaired people – the tactile design, the magnetic mechanics, and the mechanic sound.

  • An open game system with 30+ games in the start pack
  • A hybrid between tabletop & building constructor
  • Unparallel adaptiveness for different age groups and number of players
  • Ultra-compact (fits in your pocket)
  • Washable & Durable
  • Easy to learn and setup
The invention in a nutshell

In just one easily portable box, players will get a plethora of options. There are games for both kids and adults, education, parties, team buildings, solo playing, and blind people. Some can take 30 seconds, while the strategic ones can go for more than an hour. The educational games focus on helping kids learn subjects like mathematics, physics, and the basics of programming – binary operations, sorting of arrays, and commands.

Aligning with the upcoming Christmas Holidays, the innovative system was launched on the 23-rd of September on Kickstarter as a preorder.