IP Consulting experts took part in the training program of Rinker’s Challenge #4.

training program

Rinker Center is an entrepreneurship and training center. BCause Foundation created it in 2014 with the financial support of CaF America Foundation. The mission of Rinker Center is to promote education, lifelong learning and to support entrepreneurship and business development in Bulgaria.

For the fourth consecutive year, the center organized a competition. It is intended for enterprising people with ideas to compete for participation in the training program. What is more, there is a possibility some of the participants to get a grant for their business. Well-known names from the business in Bulgaria in field of marketing, human resources, management and finance took part in the training program. In this regard, we as a socially engaged company, participated in directing the participants’ attention to the protection of their ideas and products as intellectual property objects.

Our partner Mrs. Angelina Mileva introduced the audience with topics from the Law on Protection of Competition. She spoke about the forms of unfair competition and the essence of protection against unfair competition. Furthermore, within a discussion with the audience, she explained to the participants how, by carrying out their business activities, they could enter into a breach of bona fide commercial practice or harm the interests of competitors and to be subject to unfair competition themselves.

training programThe expert of IP Consulting Mrs. Yovka Taneva took part in the training program. In a brief summary, she clarified the objects of intellectual property. There was also a discussion with the participants whether their activity or product could be an industrial property object. The audience learned what they have to do in order to protect their projects. The participants were informed about the need for legal protection when their firm strengthens its position on the market and the interest in their activity increases.