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Ivan Ivanov – Founder and Manager of IP Consulting will participate as a lecturer at the seminar organized by POWERBRAND “HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BRAND IN BULGARIA”

The seminar “HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BRAND IN BULGARIA” will be held on 15.10.2013 at Novotel Sofia, hall “Europe”

According to organizers, the aim of the workshop is to find answers to many of the main questions faced by any successful marketing strategy, including:

  • How do we make a decision about it?
  • What is the business logic behind the creation of a brand?
  • How do we construct the business model of the success?
  • How do the most successful do it and why it is important for achieving big sales?

The seminar is part of a series of practical marketing seminars devoted to the rules and technology for creating, building, development and evaluation of a brand. 

During the seminar Ivan Ivanov , founder and manager of IPConsulting Ltd.will present a lecture on:

“Legal protection of the brand. Methods for obtaining trademark rights. Obstacles to the registration of successful  trademark. Are we ready to sell on other markets? “

Brands, Trademarks, Intellectual Property are a very important part of the success of any marketing strategy and business planning.  

Proper coordination of the planning and construction of the marketing activities of each company is essential for the ultimate success.

It is important for branding construction that these actions are performed in a team, with an understanding of the meaning and place of all experts who can contribute to a positive end result.

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