OHIM announced that from November 24, the CTM applicants will have the option of having their applications published more quickly with the new “Fast Track” procedure.

The aim of the Fast Track is the trademark application to be published in half the time or less, as compared to regular applications.

For an application to qualify for, and remain in, Fast Track applicants need to, among other conditions:
• Select the goods and services from OHIM’s harmonised database, which contains pre-validated and pre-translated terms.
• Pay at the end of the application process or immediately after submission.
Additionally, the application should not trigger any deficiency finding at the time of submission or during its examination by OHIM staff.

Reported by:
Aglika Ivanova
European Trademark Attorney

IP Consulting

OHIM announces – “Fast Track” processing of trade mark applicationsIP Consulting Ltd. is a consulting agency, qualified to protect your trademarks, patents and copyrights and all your intellectual property.

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