CopyrightCopyright protects any work of literature, art and science, which is a result of creative activity and is expressed by any means or in any objective form.

Among the objects of copyright protection are:

  • literary works, including works of scientific and technical literature, publicism and computer programs;
  • musical compositions;
  • stage works – dramatic, musical-dramatic, pantomimes, choreografits, etc;
  • films and other audiovisual works;
  • works of fine art, including works of applied art, design and traditional crafts;
  • realized works of architecture and implemented structural plans;
  • photographic works and works created by a process analogous to photography;
  • approved architectural projects, approved projects under structural planning, maps, charts, plans and others related to architecture, urban planning, geography, topography, museology and any area of science and technology;
  • graphic design of printed matter;
  • cadastral maps and state topographic maps;
  • ranslations and adaptations of existing creations and folklore works;
  • contracts of musical creations and folklore works;
  • periodicals, encyclopedias, collections, anthologies, bibliographies, databases and the like, which involve two or more works or materials.

In the field of copyrights, IP Consulting® provides comprehensive services including, but not limited to:

  • consultations on the existence and exercising of copyrights;
  • registration of copyright objects in jurisdictions where this is possible and necessary for their enforcement;
  • consultations and assistance in concluding contracts with copyright objects;
  • preparing contracts;
  • research, analysis, protection and management of your copyrights;
  • to assist you in exercising control and to take actions for sanctioning the violators of your copyrights before the competent authorities;
  • put you in touch with local and foreign organizations for collective management of copyright and to inform and consult you on how to protect your rights by participation in such organizations;

A project of IP Consulting® in the field of copyrights is the website, maintained and developed by our team, where you can find useful information, and also to get acquainted in our wide experience and profound interest in the field.