geographical-indicationsChampagne, Cognac, Bulgarian yoghurt – these are all examples of products that have gained world fame with the name of the region where they were produced (i. е. with their geographical indications).

Geographical indications are names of a place, region or country, which serve to designate a product originating therein, and whose qualities are due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment. Bulgaria is known for several specific products related to the geographical indications: these are rose oil, wine, yoghurt, mineral waters, herbal products etc.

Our team registered the Institute of Roses, Essential and Medical Cultures as a user of the geographical indication reg. № 52-02 BULGARIAN ROSE OIL.

Having a registration of geographical indication enables you to stand out on the Bulgarian and foremost on international markets, using the popularity of the particular region where the manufacturing is and to sanction all other producers, that indicate the region of the goods without having that right.

IP Consulting® provides:

  • representation in procedures for geographical indications registration in Bulgaria by preparing all necessary documents, but namely: quality certificates, orders by the relevant central authority, documents from the relevant local authority about the borders of the relevant geographical indication, etc.
  • representation in procedures for geographical indications registration in the European union;
  • representation in procedures for geographical indications registration under international conditions;
  • protection against violation of your right to use the relevant geographical indication;

IP Consulting® is available for any consultations and researches related to this object of industrial property.