engineerGeorgi Rusev

Eng. Georgi Rusev is part of IPConsulting since 2008. He has extensive research and practical experience. Eng. Georgi Rusev has 18 scientific publications, of which 6 with international participation. He has participated in many international scientific conferences with his own reports – Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Moscow, Debarzen.

The technical fields in which he works are mechanical engineering, internal combustion engines, agriculture, industrial chemistry and biology, standardization. Eng. Georgi Rusev develops software solutions, provides online services and patent information research. Works on patent descriptions. Translates and edits translations of European patents. Due to his longterm practical experience combined with his scientific work and patent information he is preferred to be included in teams for the preparation and development of FTO analyzes (Freedom to operate).

Eng. Georgi Rusev works in IPConsulting office in Russe. The office serves clients from Northern Bulgaria and has partnerships in Romania and Moldova.

Year joined: 2008

Education: Technical University of Sofia

Areas of specialization: Patent information research, software development

Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, French

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