Intellectual-Property-managementIP Consulting® offers to its clients preparation of comprehensive strategies for effective management of their intellectual property in Bulgaria and abroad, which include:

  • effective protection strategy;
  • combatting violators;
  • prevention of others’ rights infringement;
  • preserving and increasing the value of your intellectual property.

The experience of IP Consulting is connected with the management of the intellectual property of major companies, group of companies and holding structures which do not maintain their in-house intellectual property teams. Part of the companies of which we have created effective intellectual property management portfolio have business relations not only on the territory of Bulgaria and the European Union, but with them we  have broad experience in the countries from South-East Europe, The Russian Federation, United States of America, Latin America and the Near East.

Ivan Ivanov – the managing partner of IP Consulting and its founder has created the system for management of intellectual property of the company BALKANPHARMA HOLDING which is now part of the multinational company – ACTAVIS. IP Consulting has offered such service also in other sectors as perfumery and cosmetics, food industry, construction and supply industry, chemical companies and others.

Outsourcing the management of the intellectual property of the company to an outside office which is specialised in the area of intellectual property gives you the possibility to use greater resources of specialist who are experienced and competent in particular maters and have in-debth knowledge of the problems and their effective solution.