Nadezhda Dragomirova - IPConsultingNadezhda Dragomirova

Trademark and Copyright specialist

Nadezhda Dragomirova is specialist in intellectual property and public relations. In her practice in IP Consulting she has acquired experience in trade mark, design and copyright maters, including searches, oppositions, trade mark registration. Nadezhda Dragomirova has participated as part of the team of IP Consulting in procedures of establishing of well-known trade marks, trade marks searches, trade mark oppositions, trade mark file management, trade mark registration procedures. She has also participated in customs and enforcement cases as supporting staff. Nadezhda Dragomirova has experience in specialised translation.

Year joined: 2006

Education: Bachelor in Public Relations and Master degree in Human Resources

Current and previous positions: Trade Mark Expert in IP Consulting, Coordinator and PR of the specialised web site for copyrights – and the National Portal of Intellectual Property –, PR of the Association of Trade Mark Owners in Bulgaria

Areas of specialisation: Trade Marks, PR, Copyrights

Languages: Bulgarian, English

Contact Details:

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