IPDEV is one of our projects (projects in which we have been part). Provisions on intellectual property rights have a strong impact on economic growth, environmental protection and social objectives. Within the IPDEV projects, Ecologic points out policies related to intellectual property rights that support the achievement of sustainable development goals. On the grounds of quantitative and qualitative analysis, it is studied how the candidate countries for EU membership and the developing countries can derive maximum benefit from the provisions on intellectual property rights, in order to support the sustainable development. Continues>>


IP4all media is also one of our projects which aims to exchange information in the field of intellectual property from different countries – copyrights, patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, new plant varieties, etc. Professionals, proprietors and offices dealing with intellectual property share their experience, information, news or present events related to intellectual property in certain jurisdictions.An attempt is made,the information to give initial overview IP world today.This project is a complete initiative of IP Consulting and friends.

ipbasis.com_IP Basis

Our projects also include – IP Basis is internet-based education project that brings together educational institutions from around the world and creates a performance forum for representatives of these institutions – universities, students, teachers and researchers.


A specialized Bulgarian website for copyrights, providing information about the law, policy and events in the area is one of our project. It gives answers to questions of interest to authors, proprietors, specialists and the general public.

ipbulgaria.bg_IP Bulgaria

We are proud to present one of our projects – the national intellectual property portal IP Bulgaria was created in 2001. It has won recognition as virtual place for news and information from all fields of intellectual property in Bulgaria. It carries out a lot of initiatives for establishing popularization of the problems in the field of intellectual property, including: