PatentsIP Consulting provides full range of services in the field of intellectual property and one of our main fields of interest are patentable inventions and utility models protection.

The services of IP Consulting in the field of patent protection include:

  1. Patent searches;
  2. Drafting patent applications (description, claims) in accordance with the legal requirements of the particular territory (the legal requirements applied to the drafting of patent claims and description may vary from territory and territory and the fact that an application has been already accepted by a pent office does not guarantee that it will meet the requirement of other patent offices);
  3. Representation before the competent Patent office from filing to granting a patents, executed by Patent Attorneys qualified to execute such representation before the respective patent office;
  4. Initiating opposition procedures against patent application who do not meet the novelty requirements;
  5. Initiating and representation in patent invalidity procedures before the respective Patent offices;
  6. Valuation of patents;
  7. Supplementary patent certificates (SPCs);
  8. Litigation and patent enforcement;
  9. License agreements and contract drafting;
  10. Payment of patent annuities;

Our team is also specialized in Validation of European Patents before the competent national offices at competitive fees and conditions for Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. We propose flat fees and do not charge additional expenses for reporting notifications or late filing of Power of attorney so our client have clear price offer and are able to estimate correctly their expenses.