plant varietiesPlant varieties

According to the Law on Protection of New Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds, protection in the field of new plant varieties is provided to the creation or discovery of new varieties of plants of every botanical family or sort, including branch, line, hybrid and padding, regardless of the method (artificial or natural) of their obtaining .

Right protection may be granted to those varieties of plants, which meet the requirements for novelty, discernability, homogeneity and stability.

In the field of plant varieties protection IP Consulting® provides:

  • consultations on possible forms of protection;
  • researches;
  • registration of new plant varieties in the European Union (European variety);
  • registration of new varieties in other countries where such a possibility is provided;

IP Consulting® has experience in law enforcement with respect to violations of the rights of owners of new plant varieties that is unique for Bulgaria, as our team has introduced and realized the first border control on the Balkans regarding plant varieties. IP Consulting® has also filed the first lawsuits for infringing European plant varieties in Bulgaria.

The founder and manager of IP Consulting® – Ivan Ivanov is the author of the first and only book about protection of new plant varieties – “New plant varieties as intellectual property“

The variety should have not only a variety name which refers to its family or sort and is necessary for its identification, but also a trademark to identify the variety among users – IP Consulting® provides protection of the trademark, under which your variety is marketed, both in Bulgaria and in third countries and the European Union (you can find more information in the trademark section of our website).

Animal breeds

The Law on Protection of New Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds is applicable for created or discovered breeds, lines and hybrid livestock regardless of the method of their obtaining.

IP Consulting® Ltd. is your advisor in the area of new animal breeds protection.