searchIP Consulting® provides searches as follows:

1. Trademarks

A profound and professional search is of great importance when choosing a trademark, as well as for the purposes of successful registration and putting the brand on the market.

IP Consulting® provides the following servicesin the field of trademark search:

А) trademark identify and similarity search: search of trademarks valid on particular territories of interest. We may provide cost effective searches for territories almost all over the world;

        B) search of registered company names in order to avoid collision between a trademark and a company name;

C) search of registered domain names in order to avoid collision between atrademark and a domain;

D) search of trademarks possessed by a particular entity or trademarks from particular field;

IP Consulting® also offers individualised searches depending on the trademark specifics and the client’s needs, which can cover a range of objects wider than the above-mentioned.

2.  Patents

When starting procedure for protection of an invention as a patent or utility model, as well as before its eventual introduction not he market, it is important to have a detailed search of the state of the art in order to determine its novelty and / or for existing valid rights of third parties, which can be affected.

IP Consulting® provides the following services in the field of patent search:

  • utility models/ patents, owned by a particular entity;
  • novelty / state of the art searches;
  • patent and non-patent literature searches for the purposesof patents / utility models invalidation;

3.  Industrial design

IP Consulting® provides the following services in the field of industrial designs search:

  • search of industrial designs to identify earlier registered designs, that could be an obstacle during the registration procedure:

IP Consulting® has experienced professionals who know the specific language and terminology used in the field of intellectual property in details.

The team is specialized translations of patent literature, which are executededited by experts in the relevant technical field.

IP Consulting® offers fast translations of high quality, which are guaranteed true copies of the original.