trademark“Trademarks are signs capable of distinguishing goods or services of one person from the ones of other persons and can be graphically represented”. This is the trademark definition according to the Bulgarian Law on trademarks and geographical indications.

In business circles trademarks are also known as “brand” or “brand name”.

Of course, product or corporate brands are much wider concept than the individual trademark, as well as developing a strong brand and establishing brand value is a greater challenge for business than the selection, registration and maintenance of one or more trademarks. However, registration and maintenance are the first and foremost action to be taken by every business today.

IP Consulting® is the company, which can register the sign you have selected for a trademark.

IP Consulting® provides the following services in the field of trademarks:

  • registration of a trademark in Bulgaria;
  • registration of a trademark as European Union trade mark (you can find more information about the European Union trade mark here>>
  • registration of a trademark in third countries (IP Consulting® performs registration of trademarks in more than 70 countries in the whole world);
  • representation during procedures for invalidation or revocation of registration of trademarks;
  • enforcement, protection against violations of trademark rights (you can find more information in sections border control, unfair competition and consumer protection );
  • research and analysis (you can find more information in section research;
  • consultations and deals with trademarks (transfer, licensing, sale, joint ownership);
  • trademark evaluation (you can find more information in section valuation of IP assets;

IP Consulting® provides its clients with services for registration of collective and certification marks, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The collective trademark is a mark owned by an association of producers, traders or persons performing services, which is a legal entity. It distinguishes the goods or services of the members of the association from the goods or services of other persons.

The certificate trademark certifies the material, method of manufacture, quality or other characteristics of the goods or services produced or offered by persons with the permission and under the control of the trademark proprietor.