unfair-competitionIP Consulting® provides specialized services related to competition protection the field of unfair competition. We help our clients in connection with cases related to „Damage to competitors’ reputation“, „Misleading“, „Misleading and comparative advertising“, „Imitation“, „Unfair consumer attraction“, „Prohibition on disclosure of production or trade secrets“, “Dominant position on the market”.

We provide the following services:

  • consultations in the field of competition legislation with regards to the specific requirements of the respective market concerned;
  • representation before the competent authorities in the respective territory as Commission on unfair competition, Administrative and Civil courts;
  • consultation of advertising campaigns of our clients before their release with regards possible infringement of the principles of unfair competition legislation;

Our team has extensive practice in the field of protection against unfair competition and has actually created milestone practice in that area. The exhaustive experience of the team in the field of intellectual property and especially in the field of trade marks, designs and domain names offers the possibility for exact distinguishing between trade mark, design or domain name infringement and act of unfair competition and also offers the adequate expertise for assessing similarities, imitation and passing-off.

IP Consulting has also specialised in consulting advertising agencies concerning the promotions and the campaign which they organise in order to avoid any possible conflict with regards to infringement of the principles of fair competition and legal advertising.