Valuation-of-IP-assetsIP Consulting® provides services in connection with valuation of intangible assets as intellectual property.

IP Consulting offers services for evaluation of trade marks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, plant varieties, animal breeds, copyrights, know-how and other intangible rights.

The valuation of your intellectual / industrial property is used and is  necessary for at first place for its correct accounting (inclusion of the industrial property owned by the company as part of the long term intangible assets list).

Further the proper valuation of the intellectual property owned by the company is necessary when it is subject of a deal – license agreement or transfer agreement.

The correct valuation of the industrial property owned by the company is necessary for the purposes of  inclusion of that property as part of the company capital in aport deals.

The valuations are executed by  independent licensed evaluators with extensive experience in the field of intellectual property. The valuators working as part of the team of IP Consulting have passed the necessary training and have the required certificates in order to operate as licensed independent valuators. Most of them are also patent and / or trade mark attorneys with particular knowledge in the intellectual property.