Patent and Design Expert
 E-mail: office@ipconsulting.eu 

Yovka Taneva graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with specialty machine-building. She has many years of professional experience in machine building, construction and electronics. She has worked at the Electronics Institute, Military Mechanical Factory and in Vlagoklima Ltd., a company that manages the construction of air conditioning and heating equipment. She has been working in the Patent Office for 5 years as an expert in utility models, designs and European patents.

Year joined: 2016

Education: Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools, Technical University of Sofia

Current and previous positions: Technologist at the Institute of Electrical, Engineering, Chief of Workshop at Military Mechanical Factory, Technologist and Organizer of Production at Vlagoklima Ltd., Expert at Patent Office, Patents and Designs at IP Consulting Ltd.

Areas of specialization: patents, utility models, designs

Languages: Bulgarian, English

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