IP Consulting is offering full range of intellectual property services in Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Macedonia and South-East Europe (Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan). We offer our clients and partners services related to full representation before the national patent offices (trade marks, patents, utility models, industrial designs) executed by local attorneys in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Further we offer services related to representation before the enforcement agencies and institutions for protection of your rights against infringers and unfair competition.

IP Consulting offers services in connection with representation before the European union intellectual property office (EUIPO) for procedures related to trade marks and industrial designs, registration, opposition, invalidation, renewal procedures, executed by qualified European Trademark and Design Attorneys.

IP Consulting offers services in connection with representation before the European Patent Office (EPO) for procedures related to patents – registration, opposition, invalidation, annuities,  procedures, executed by qualified European Patent Attorneys.

IP Consulting has also experience and is offering services in connection with procedures before the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO)- responsible for registration and maintenance of patents valid for the territories of: Turkmenistan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Tajikistan, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Moldova. The representation in connection with Eurasian Patents is executed by Eurasian patent Attorneys from the respective states.

Main Points

Service Overview

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsPATENTS

The patent is a protected document, providing its owner with exclusive rights for a created invention or utility model. A patentable invention is technical solution, which is a world novelty, has inventive level and is capable of industrial application.

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsUTILITY MODELS

The team of IP Consulting® ltd. provides professional services in the field of protection of utility models, both in Bulgaria and abroad, in countries where such protection is provided (like Germany, Russia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Albania, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, etc.).

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsCOPYRIGHTS

Copyright protects any work of literature, art and science, which is a result of creative activity and is expressed by any means or in any objective form.

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsTRADEMARKS

European Union trade marks

“Trademarks are signs capable of distinguishing goods or services of one person from the ones of other persons and can be graphically represented”. This is the trademark definition according to the Bulgarian Law on trademarks and geographical indications. In business circles trademarks are also known as “brand” or “brand name”.

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsINDUSTRIAL DESIGN


According to the Law on industrial designs a design is the evident outlook of a product or part of it, defined by the characteristics of the shape, contours, ornaments, color or combination thereof.

If you have created a new, original product tor packing, or font size, or composition of products, IP Consulting® is available to consult you and carry out on your behalf all actions to register your new design.

If you export goods subject to a registered industrial design, IP Consulting® will consult and guide you on how to protect your interests abroad in order not to violate other’s rights.

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsPlant Vareties

According to the Law on Protection of New Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds, protection in the field of new plant varieties is provided to the creation or discovery of new varieties of plants of every botanical family or sort, including branch, line, hybrid and padding, regardless of the method (artificial or natural) of their obtaining .

Right protection may be granted to those varieties of plants, which meet the requirements for novelty, discernability, homogeneity and stability.

consulting agency, trademarks, patentsGeographical Indications

Champagne, Cognac, Bulgarian yoghurt – these are all examples of products that have gained world fame with the name of the region where they were produced (i. е. with their geographical indications).

Geographical indications are names of a place, region or country, which serve to designate a product originating therein, and whose qualities are due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment. Bulgaria is known for several specific products related to the geographical indications: these are rose oil, wine, yoghurt, mineral waters, herbal products etc.

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