For many years IP Consulting has been developing, supporting, creating and taking part in different projects, which are focused on advancement, popularization and protection of intellectual property not only in Bulgaria, but also in many other countries around the globe.

taiwanA good example for this is the fact that IP Consulting took part in the huge international technological forum Taiwan Innotech Expo, which took place in Taipei, Taiwan, between 27-29th September 2018. Every year the main organizers of the forum, among which is the country of Taiwan, send invitations to participants from more than 50 countries. That is how Bulgaria managed to attend the event. It was presented by IP Consulting, which presented one of their most ambitious projects – The national platform for intellectual property IP Bulgaria. (www.ipbulgaria.bg).

The exhibition is famous for its wide scope and size. According to the organizers 565 international companies attended the event this year as well as more than 70 000 visitors which is a striking record for the forum. Bulgarian companies were also presented there by the support of the National platform for intellectual property IP Bulgaria, which on its behalf was presented by the specialized agency for intellectual property IP Consulting.

The main goal of the exhibition is to help companies and inventors penetrate innovative ideas into the market. It also aims for meeting inventors, investors, exhibitors and visitors, who are able to exchange ideas and come up with new ones. The innovations presented this year were very diverse. Some were computer and software related, some were ecology and environmental preservation related and others were in the field of telecommunication, electronics and biochemical products.

Taiwan Innotech ExpoThe inventions, which were presented this year by IP Bulgaria are represented and protected explicitly by IP Consulting. One of them for which the agency takes huge pride is the Module system for digital management of administrative activities in a cloud environment. It is created by the hardworking CEO of IP Consulting – Engineer Ivan N. Ivanov together with Vasil Mihalkov and Alexander Ignatov. The main idea behind the invention is the concept of easing the working process by employees and companies who operate with many documents and files. This is possible by the unique software concept developed by the creators. The most innovative part is the fact that it consists of “modules” which can be programmed to execute a specific function and to be connected with one another in order to create a “procedure”. Such a methodology makes it possible for the software to be applied in many different spheres that have to do with administrative work.

The second invention presented by IP Consulting is an online platform for satellite observation of environmental activities – SatHub (www.sathub.eu) whose creator is Vasil Mihalkov. The third invention is an innovative nutritional supplement which supports the regeneration of peripheral nerves. It’s developed by NathurPharma (Натурфарма – www.nathurpharmabg.com).

The service provided by us is not limited to registration and protection of inventions, but it also includes their presentation and popularization. For us it was an extreme honor to take part in one of the biggest and most ambitious technological forums in the world. We strongly believe that the greatest satisfaction from work comes when the job is not only well presented and highly evaluated by our clients, but also when there are evident results from such events.