Changes in the name and address of the proprietor of a TM have to be registered in 3 months before the Bulgarian Patent Office

According to art. 40 from the Law on marks and geographical indications in Bulgaria: Changes in the Name and Address of the Proprietor Art. 40. (1) The proprietor or the applicant of a mark must notify the Patent Office of any change in his name or address within three months after the change occurs. (2)…


The proprietor of challenged EUTM did not submit any proofs for defending his mark in the particular time limit

The applicant, a Bulgarian company, represented by the team of IP Consulting, filed a request for revocation of EUTM 008810855 eGift. The application was filed on the grounds of non-use (Article 51(1)(a) EUTMR) and it is directed against all the goods and services covered by the EUTM, namely – Classes 9, 35 and 36. Based…