EUIPO confirms – SONOKO is similar to SUNOKO

The Serbian company Sunoko.o.o filed an opposition against all the goods of European Union trade mark application No 18091313 (Sonoko, figurative). The opposition is based on international trade mark registration designating, inter alia, Croatia, No 1139685. The oponent, represented by IP Consulting Ltd., invoked Article 8(1)(b) EUTMR. Findings Visually and aurally, the trade mark signs…


EUIPO finds that FLORI and FLORIAN are confusingly similar

Florian is a family-based firm, established in Ruse, Bulgaria in 1999. They are a market-leader in the field of agriculture, supplying the needs both of professional and amateur horticulturists. Florian, represented by IP Consulting, filed an opposition against all the goods and services of European Union trademark application No 15 800 824 for the word…


BPO confirms that “от НАШЕТО” is similar to “от НАШЕТО семейство”

“Dimitar Madzharov – 2” EOOD, represented by the team of IP Consulting filed an opposition against the newly applied trademark, reg. № 141455 “от НАШЕТО” – combined. The Opposition division and the chair of the Bulgarian patent office (BPO) both upheld the opposition and denied the registration of the “от НАШЕТО” trademark, applied by “BONI…


Partial similarity between “Butterfly body care” and “Bodycare” trade marks

The opponent Productos Kol, S.L., Spain filed an opposition at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market against some of the goods of Community trade mark application No 12 136 057, namely against all goods in Classes 20 and 24. The applicant Gloube Industries EOOD, Bulgaria is represented by IP Consulting Ltd.


No likelihood of confusion between DMV PETROL and OMV trademarks due to lack of similarity between the signs

As a result of an opposition filed by OMV AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, the Bulgarian Patent Office issued a decision for complete refusal for trade mark registration of application № 137260 DMV PETROL, combined. Proprietor of the processed trade mark is G S Commerce Ltd., represented by the team of IP Consulting.


DMV and OMV – lack of possibility of confusion due to differences in graphic layout and sounding

G S Commerce Ltd. proprietor of application for trademark registration.№ 136523 DMV seeks the cancellation of the decision for complete refusal of trade mark registration. The decision is issued under opposition brought under art.38b in conjunction with art. 12, par. 1, p. 2 and art. 12, par. 3 of the LTGI. G S Commerce Ltd….


Trade name within a sign is considered a dominant element – “АКВАСТОП AQUASTOP” and “TERAZID AQUA BLOCK” trademarks sufficiently different

Boro Terakol Ltd. filed an opposition against all the goods of application for trade mark registration “TERAZID AQUA BLOCK“, entr. № 140192, based on earlier registered trade mark „АКВАСТОП AQUASTOP“, with reg.№ 48822. The applicant Terazid Ltd. is represented by the team of IP Consulting.


International trade mark rejected due to high similarity with earlier trade mark

The opponent, Magnolia Partner Ltd., represented by the team of IP Consulting filed an opposition against international registration designating the European Union No 1 371 263 for the word mark Kalide. The opposition is against all the goods and services in Classes 3 and 44. It is based on the earlier European Union trade mark…


The distinctiveness and the similarity in the context of a dispute about Trademarks

A foreign company, represented by the team of IP Consulting, filed an Opposition against all the goods of European trademark application, namely against all the goods in Class 5. The opposition is based on European trademark registration for a figurative mark. The opponent invoked Article 8(1)(a) and (b) EUTMR. The goods on which the Opposition is…